The Pocket Guide to World History

MacDonald, John A. 1815-91. Key to British North America Act, Conservative. First Prime Minister of Canada 1867~91. Pacific Railway. [Read more ...]

MacDonald, Ramsay. 1866-1937. First British Labour Prime Minister 1924~35. [Read more ...]

Macdonough, Thomas. 1783-1825. Defeated British in Lake Champlain naval battle 1814. [Read more ...]

MacDowell, Edward. 1860-1908. US piano composer. Symphonic poems. Saracens 1891. [Read more ...]

Macedonia. Greek tribes. 700BC united. 490 Persia. 479 Independent. 359 Philip. 336 Empire. Alexander. 168BC Rome...395 Byzantine Empire 6C Slav. 9C Bulgar. 11C Byzantine. 14C Ottoman. 1878 Independent. 1879 Ottoman. 1913 Greece/ Bulgaria/ Serbia. 1929 Yugoslavia. 1991 Independent. [Read more ...]

Macedonian Wars. 214~148BC. 4 Wars vs Rome reduced Macedonia to Roman province. [Read more ...]

Macedonianism. 360. Christian heresy. Holy Ghost subordinate to Father and Son. [Read more ...]

Mach, Ernest. 1838-1916. Founded Scientific Positivism 1905. Relates physics and psychology. Vienna Circle. [Read more ...]

Machado de Assis, Joaquim. 1839-1908. Brazilian writer. Small Winner 1881. [Read more ...]

Machaut, Guillaume de. c1300-77. French composer of secular and church music in Ars Nova style. [Read more ...]

Machiavelli, Niccolo. 1469-1527. Florentine amoral cynic, statesman, historian and writer. The Prince 1513. -“End justifies the means”. -“Appear virtuous, act to maintain power”. [Read more ...]

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