The Pocket Guide to World History

Krylov, Ivan. 1769-1844. Russian satirical writer. Fables 1809. [Read more ...]

Ku Klux Klan. KKK. 1867-71. Secret US White Supremacist terrorist organization. Founded by Forrest. 1915- Recreated by Simmons. [Read more ...]

Kuan Ti. 3C Chinese scholar, executed. Deified as god of war. [Read more ...]

Kublai Khan. 1215-94. First Mongol Emperor. Conquered China. Established Yüan dynasty. [Read more ...]

Kuchuk Kainarji, Treaty. 1774. Ottomans restore Black Sea ports to Russia. Independent Crimea. [Read more ...]

Kukai. 774-835. Japanese Buddhist. Evolved “True Word” philosophy. 10 Stages of Consciousness. [Read more ...]

Kulikovo, Battle. 1380. Russia defeats Golden Horde, ending Tatar rule. [Read more ...]

Kulturkampf. c1871-87. Bismarck tries to control Roman Catholic Church. Accomodation reached. [Read more ...]

Kuomintang. KMT. 1911-49. Chinese nationalist party in power 1928-49. Founded by Sun Yat-sen. Overthrew Manchu dynasty. Expelled to Taiwan by Communist Party. Chiang Kai-shek. [Read more ...]

Kurds. Sunni Moslem Taurus, Zagros Mountain peoples of Kurdistan, central Asia. 1925 rebelled in Turkey. 1922,44,63 rebelled in Iraq. Persecuted in Turkey, Iraq, Iran. Saladin. Sevres Treaty. [Read more ...]

Kuril Island. Japanese to 1945. Given to USSR by Yalta Agreement. [Read more ...]

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