The Pocket Guide to World History

Kushan. 78-220. Dynasty ruling Afghanistan, north India. [Read more ...]

Kutuzov, Mikhaïl. 1745-1813. Russian general. Repelled Napoleon, 1812. [Read more ...]

Kuwait. 1710 Arabs settle. 1899 British protectorate. 1961 Independent. 1963 Constitutional monarchy. 1990-91 Iraq occupation, Gulf War. [Read more ...]

Kwang-hsü. 1872-1908. Chinese Emperor. 1875-. Aunt Tz’u-hsi regent except 1889 Hundred Days of Reform. [Read more ...]

Kyd, Thomas. 1558-94. English playwright. First ‘revenge’ play: The Spanish Tragedy 1592. [Read more ...]

Kyi, Aung San Suu. 1945-. Burmese. Leader of nonviolent movement for human rights in Myanmar. House arrest 1989-95. [Read more ...]

Kyoto. Capital of Japan 794-1868. [Read more ...]

Kyrgyzstan. 8C Arabs. 10-13C Kyrgyz settle from Siberia. 1758 China. 19C Uzbek. 1876 Russia. 1926 Kyrgyz SSR. 1991 Independent. CIS. [Read more ...]

Kyrle Society. 1875. Founded by Hill sisters to develop taste for literature and music among London poor. [Read more ...]

LaBarre, Jean. 1747-66. French nobleman, beheaded for mutilating a crucifix. [Read more ...]

Labiche, Eugène. 1815-88. French writer of plays and vaudevilles. La Clef des Champs 1838. [Read more ...]

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