The Pocket Guide to World History

James, Jesse. 1847-82. US bank robber, outlaw leader. [Read more ...]

James, St. -c44. One of 12 Apostles. Martyred by Herod Agrippa I. [Read more ...]

James, St. -c62. Apostle. “Lord’s brother”. Wrote Epistle of James. [Read more ...]

James, William. 1842-1910. US Pragmatic philosopher. Radical Empiricism. Principles of Psychology 1890. Will to Believe 1897. [Read more ...]

James I. 1208-76. King of Aragon 1213-. Conquered Balearic Is. 1229-35. Drove Moors from Valencia. [Read more ...]

James I. 1566-1625. James VI of Scotland 1567-. King of England 1603-. United Scotland and England. Authorized Bible 1611.“Wisest fool in Christianity”. Gunpowder Plot. Religious controversy. [Read more ...]

James II. 1430-60. King of Scotland 1437-. Attacked England 1460. [Read more ...]

James II. 1633-1701. King of Great Britain 1685-8. Exiled 1689- in France. Supported Catholics. Bloody Assizes. Glorious Revolution overthrew him. [Read more ...]

James III. 1452-88. King of Scotland 1460-. Killed by rebels at Sauchieburn. [Read more ...]

James IV. 1473-1513. King of Scotland 1488-. Allied with France vs England. Killed at Flodden. [Read more ...]

James V. 1512-42. Catholic king of Scotland, 1513-. Allied with France vs Henry VIII. [Read more ...]

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