The Pocket Guide to World History

Jameson Raid. 1895. Abortive British-led revolt vs Boer government of Transvaal. [Read more ...]

Jamestown. 1607. First permanent English settlement in North America. [Read more ...]

Janácek, Leos. 1854-1928. Czech folk-influenced opera composer. Jenufa 1904. [Read more ...]

Janissaries. 1330-1826. Ottoman sultan’s powerful bodyguard. First recruited from Christian children. Massacred by Mahmud II after revolt. [Read more ...]

Jansen, Cornelis. 1585-1638. Dutch theologian whose theses created Jansenism. Augustinus 1640. [Read more ...]

Jansenism. 1640-1730. Sought return to severity of Augustine. Opposed Jesuits. Gallicanism. Arnauld. Suppressed by Louis XIV. Pascal. Quesnel. [Read more ...]

Janssen, Zacharias. 1580-1638. Dutch. Compound microscope 1590. [Read more ...]

January Insurrection. 1863-4. Unsuccessful Polish revolution vs Russia. [Read more ...]

Janus. Roman god with two faces to guard doorways, beginnings and endings. [Read more ...]

Japan. 660BC Empire founded by legendary Jimmu. 5C AD First unified state. c552 Buddhism. 1192 First Shogun ruler. 1543 European contact (Portugal). 1639 Isolation. 1868 Meiji restoration. 1945-52 Allies occupy. 1947 Constitutional monarchy. [Read more ...]

Jaques-Dalcroze, Émile. 1865-1950. Swiss composer. Developed Eurhythmics 1905. [Read more ...]

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