The Pocket Guide to World History

Hasdrubal. -207BC. Hannibal’s brother. Carthaginian commander. [Read more ...]

Hasideans. Jewish sects. 300-175BC. Strict Talmudic observation. [Read more ...]

Hasidism. 18C-. Jewish sect founded by Eliezer, called Ba’al Shem-Tov. Stresses good-heartedness over scholarship, mystical approach to God. [Read more ...]

Haskala. 18-19C Cultural movement to move European Jews from ghettos into mainstream. [Read more ...]

Hastings, Battle. 1066. William defeats Harold II, conquers England for Normandy. [Read more ...]

Hastings, Warren. 1732-1818. First English Gov-Gen of Bengal, 1772-84/5. Impeached...acquitted. [Read more ...]

Hatch Acts. 1939,40. Limit campaign contributions in US. [Read more ...]

Hatshepsut. First Egyptian queen to rule as Pharaoh 1503-1482BC. [Read more ...]

Hatt-i Humayun. 1856. Turkish reform act, forced by major powers, but not always enforced. [Read more ...]

Hauptman, Bruno. 1899-1936. Kidnaped and killed Lindbergh baby 1932. Executed. [Read more ...]

Hauptman, Gerhart. 1862-1946. Polish/German poet and writer. The Weavers 1892. [Read more ...]

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