The Pocket Guide to World History

Griquas. Bastards. 19C Tribe of Hottentot-Boer half-castes. [Read more ...]

Gris, Juan. 1887-1927. Spanish Cubist painter. Guitar, Book and Newspaper 1920. [Read more ...]

Griselda. Italian wife whose patience was tested by her husband, without complaint. [Read more ...]

Groat. 1351-1662. British 4p coin. [Read more ...]

Grolier, Jean. 1479-1565. French collector of 3000 book library. [Read more ...]

Gropius, Walter. 1883-1969. German architect. Bauhaus director. Modern horizontal buildings, glass walls. [Read more ...]

Gros, Antoine. 1771-1835. French painter of Napoleon’s military career. [Read more ...]

Grosz, George. 1893-1959. German satirical artist/caricaturist. Pillars of Society. [Read more ...]

Grotefend, George. 1775-1853. German. Deciphered Cuneiform 1802. Behistun. [Read more ...]

Grotius, Hugo. 1583-1645. Dutch jurist. Laws of War and Peace 1625. [Read more ...]

Group of Seven. 1920-74. Canadian Impressionist painters. MacDonald, Harris, Lismer, Varley, Carmichael, Johnston, Jackson. Thomson 1913. [Read more ...]

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