The Pocket Guide to World History

Green, Hetty. 1835-1916. US miser. World’s richest woman. [Read more ...]

Green Mountain Boys. 1770. Ethan Allen’s Vermont militia in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Green Revolution. 20C. Increased food production in developing countries based on new plant breeds. Borlaug. [Read more ...]

Greenbacks. US banknotes issued to support Civil War not backed by gold. [Read more ...]

Greene, Graham. 1904-91. English cinematic thriller writer: Man Within 1929. Power and the Glory 1940. Third Man 1949. Quiet American 1955. [Read more ...]

Greene, Robert. c1558-92. English dramatist. Friar Bacon and Friar Burgay c1591. [Read more ...]

Greenland. 986-1482 Scandinavian. colony. 1721 Denmark. 1979 Home rule. [Read more ...]

Greenwich Meridian. 1884. [Read more ...]

Greer, Germaine. 1939-. Australian feminist writer. Female Eunuch 1970. [Read more ...]

Gregorian Calendar. 1582. 11 Day correction and addition of non-leap centuries to Julian Calendar. Adopted 1752 England, 1918 Russia. [Read more ...]

Gregory I, St. Benedictine Pope 590-604. Developed Plainsong, Gregorian chant. Sent Augustine to Canterbury. [Read more ...]

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