The Pocket Guide to World History

Great Trek. 1835-7. Boers leave British Cape Colony, found Natal. [Read more ...]

Great Wall of China. Parts 4C BC. Joined 214-204BC. [Read more ...]

Greco, El. 1541-1614. Greek/Spanish painter. Elongated figures. Assumption 1577. Crucifixion. Toledo c1608. [Read more ...]

Greco-Turkish War. 1897. Greece fails to annex Crete. 1920-22. Greece loses Thrace. Exchange of minorities. [Read more ...]

Greece. c3000BC Minoan(Crete). c1500BC Achaean. 11C Aeolian, Ionian. c1100 Dorian. 683 Athens monarchy. 404 Sparta. 371 Thebes. 338 Macedonia...Alexander. 197BC Rome...Byzantine. 1453 AD Ottoman. 1829 Independent kingdom. 1912 +Crete. 1924 Republic. 1935 Constitutional Monarchy. 1973 Republic. 1981 EEC. 1994 EU. [Read more ...]

Greek Civil War. 1944-9. Communist insurrection defeated with British/US help. [Read more ...]

Greek Fire. 648. Byzantine secret weapon. Flammable substance that ignited on contact with water invented by Callinicus of Heliopolis. [Read more ...]

Greek Independence, War. 1821-29. Greek rebels, plus England, France, Russia defeat Turkey and Egypt. London Treaty. Otto I. Constantinople Treaty, 1832....End of Holy Alliance. [Read more ...]

Greek Liberation, War. = Greek Independence, War. [Read more ...]

Greek Project. 1782. Abandoned plan of Catherine the Great to conquer Ottoman Empire. [Read more ...]

Greeley, Horace. 1811-72. US founder of New Yorker, NY Tribune. Slavery critic. -“Go west, young man!” [Read more ...]

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