The Pocket Guide to World History

Grandee. 13C-. Highest rank of Spanish nobility. [Read more ...]

Grandfather Clause. -1915. S US states limited vote to those enfranchised by 1866/7. [Read more ...]

Grands-Augustins, Quai de. 1313. Oldest quay in Paris, by Philip the Fair. [Read more ...]

Grands Rhétoriqueurs. 15-16C. French poets. Deschamps, DeMachaut. [Read more ...]

Granger Movement. 19C. US farmers’ co-ops, political lobbies. [Read more ...]

Granicus, Battle. 334BC. Alexander’s First victory; defeats Darius III of Persia. [Read more ...]

Grant, Ulysses S. 1822-85. Commander-in-Chief Union army 1864-5 in US Civil War. President 1869-77. [Read more ...]

Grass, Günter. 1927-. German writer. Tin Drum 1959. [Read more ...]

Gratian. Italian monk. Codified canon Law. Decretum Gratiani c1142. [Read more ...]

Grattan, Henry. 1746-1820. Irish independence leader. Irish Parliament 1782. Poyning’s Law repeal movement. [Read more ...]

Gravelines, Battle. 1558. Spanish defeat French. [Read more ...]

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