The Pocket Guide to World History

Gran Colombia. 1819-30. Bolivar’s independent republic of former Spanish colonies. Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador. New Granada. [Read more ...]

Granada. 745-1492 Moors. Last Moslem kingdom in Spain. Alhambra. [Read more ...]

Granadine Confederation. 1858-63. = Colombia. [Read more ...]

Granados, Enrique. 1867-1916. Spanish Nationalist composer. 7 Operas. Set of Tonadillas. Dances. Goyescas 1911-13. [Read more ...]

Grand Alliance, War of. 1689-97. Spain, Sweden, England, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands vs French expansionism. Negotiated Peace. King William’s War. Namur. Augsburg League. [Read more ...]

Grand Army of the Republic. 1866-1956. Political organization of American Civil War veterans. [Read more ...]

Grand Canal. 4C BC-1400. China. World’s longest, 1,000 miles. [Read more ...]

Grand Palais. Built for 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. [Read more ...]

Grand Remonstrance. 1641. Grievances presented to Charles I by Long Parliament. [Read more ...]

Grande Armée. 1805-12. Napoleon’s 1,000,000 man army; combined smaller armies for central control. [Read more ...]

Grande Gallery of Louvre. Longest gallery in the world, 300m. [Read more ...]

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