The Pocket Guide to World History

Golden Bull. 1356. Charles IV edict eliminating papal power in selection of Holy Roman Emperor. [Read more ...]

Golden Fleece. Greek myth. Chrysomallus’ fleece taken by Jason. [Read more ...]

Golden Fleece, Order of. 1430. Knighthood founded by Philip the Good. [Read more ...]

Golden Gate Bridge. 1937. San Francisco. [Read more ...]

Golden Hind. Drake’s flagship; only one to finish circumnavigation. [Read more ...]

Golden Horde. 1250-1395. Mongol Empire in west Russia. [Read more ...]

Golden House. 65. Nero’s huge Roman palace. [Read more ...]

Golden Spurs, Battle. 1302. Courtrai, Belgium. Flemish craftsmen defeat French troops. [Read more ...]

Golding, William. 1911-93. English morality novelist. Lord of the Flies 1954. [Read more ...]

Goldman, Emma. 1869-1940. Russian/US anarchist. Deported from US, 1919. [Read more ...]

Goldoni, Carlo. 1707-93. Italian dramatist. Realistic comedy. [Read more ...]

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