The Pocket Guide to World History

Germany, Federal Republic of. (FRG). 1949-90 West Germany. 1955 NATO. 1990 +GDR =Germany. [Read more ...]

Geronimo. 1829-1900. Apache Indian chief. Resisted Reservations 1876-86. [Read more ...]

Gerry, Elbridge. 1744-1814. US statesman. XYZ Affair. 1812 Gerrymandering - drawing electoral boundaries to affect the outcome of an election. [Read more ...]

Gershwin, George. 1898-1937. US popular composer. Rhapsody in Blue 1924. Porgy and Bess 1935. [Read more ...]

Gestalt. 1912. Psychological school of perception as an integrated whole. [Read more ...]

Gestapo. 1933-45. Hitler’s internal secret police under Goering. [Read more ...]

Gettysburg. 1863. Lincoln’s address given to dedicate Civil War cemetery. “Four score and seven years ago...Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. [Read more ...]

Gettysburg, Battle. 1863. Union victory. Turning point in Civil War. [Read more ...]

Ghana. 1957 Gold Coast + British Togoland =Ghana. 1960 Republic. 1981 Dictator. [Read more ...]

Ghana, Ancient. Trading empire c300-1200. ≈southeast Mauritania + west Mali. [Read more ...]

Ghazali, al-. 1058-1111. Islamic Sufi philosopher, mystic. [Read more ...]

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