The Pocket Guide to World History

Ghazan, Mahmud. 1271-1304. Mongol Persian ruler 1295-. Made Islam state religion. [Read more ...]

Ghazigi. “Warriors of the faith”. Ottoman military before Janissaries. [Read more ...]

Ghaznavid. 977-1186. Turkish dynasty in Iran, Afghanistan, India. [Read more ...]

Ghent, Treaty. 1814. Britain, US end Anglo-American War on pre-war conditions. [Read more ...]

Ghetto. Jewish area of cities, esp: 1556-1885 Rome; 1239 Valencia; 1462 Frankfurt; 1516 Venice; 1066-1291 Old Jewry, London; 1939 Warsaw. [Read more ...]

Ghibellines. Guelfs. [Read more ...]

Ghiberti, Lorenzo. c1378-1455. Florentine naturalistic sculptor and architect. John the Baptist 1414. Florence Baptistery doors 1425-50. [Read more ...]

Ghirlandaio, Dominico del. 1449-1494. Florentine painter. Frescoes. Birth of the Virgin 1485-90. [Read more ...]

Giacometti, Alberto. 1901-66. Swiss sculptor. Stretched figures. [Read more ...]

Gibbon, Edward. 1737-94. English historian. Decline and Fall of Roman Empire 1776-88. [Read more ...]

Gibbon, Grinling. 1648-1720. English woodcarver on Wren’s buildings. St. Paul’s. Blenheim. [Read more ...]

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