The Pocket Guide to World History

Fulton, Robert. 1765-1815. US engineer: steam boat Clermont, 1807. Submarine, 1801. [Read more ...]

Fulvia. -40BC. Wife of Antony. Led revolt vs Octavian. [Read more ...]

Funan Empire. 1-6C. Cambodia. Khmer. [Read more ...]

Functionalism. 1924-45. Architectural movement of Le Corbusier. Austere objects perfected to carry out their function. [Read more ...]

Fundamentalism. 1920-. US conservative Protestant movement. Strict scriptural interpretation. [Read more ...]

Funk, Casimir. 1884-1967. Polish/US discoverer of vitamins. [Read more ...]

Furetière, Antoine. 1619-88. French satirist/lexicographer. Nouvelle Allégorique 1658. Universal Dictionary 1684. [Read more ...]

Furies. Goddesses of vengeance. Alecto, Tisiphone, Megaera. [Read more ...]

Fürstenbund. “League of Princes” 1785. Prussian-led association of German states vs Joseph II. [Read more ...]

Fust, Johann. 1400-66. German partner of Gutenburg. [Read more ...]

Futurism. 1909-1915. Italian artistic movement founded by Marinetti. Glorified machine age, war and violence. Exemplified by simultaneity of images like strobe effect. Boccioni, Balla. [Read more ...]

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