The Pocket Guide to World History

Gabelle. 1286-1790. French salt tax. [Read more ...]

Gabon. Mpongwe. 1485 Portugal. 1839 France 1889 «Congo. 1910 French Equatorial Africa. 1940 Free France. 1946 French Territory. 1960 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Gabor, Dennis. 1900-79. Hungarian/English holograph inventor, 1947. [Read more ...]

Gabriel. Archangel. God’s messenger. Made Annunciation to Mary, and revealed Koran to Muhammad. [Read more ...]

Gabriel, Jacques-Ange. 1698-1782. French Architect: École Militaire 1752. Champ-de-Mars. Place de la Concorde 1755. Petit Trianon 1762. [Read more ...]

Gabrieli, Andrea. c1510-86. Venetian church music composer. First to combine voice and instruments in concerto form. [Read more ...]

Gabrieli, Giovanni. c1557-1612. Nephew of A. Wrote sacred symphonies of voice and instrument. [Read more ...]

Gad. A Lost Tribe of Israel. [Read more ...]

Gadsden Purchase. 1853. US buys land from Mexico. [Read more ...]

Gaea. (Gaia) Earth itself as a Greek goddess. [Read more ...]

Gaelic. Celtic languages of Scotland and Ireland. [Read more ...]

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