The Pocket Guide to World History

Explorer I. 1958. US first satellite. [Read more ...]

Expressionism. 1920-24. German drama style showing writers’ feelings. Author/hero. [Read more ...]

Expressionism. 20C Literary style expressing essence of subject by exaggerating characteristics. Sounds and symbols. Joyce. Kafka. O’Neill. Woolf. Beckman. [Read more ...]

Expressionism. 20C Music style of intense emotion, conflict, distortion. Mahler. Strauss. [Read more ...]

Expressionism. 20C Simplified style of modern art expressing emotions with color and distortion. Munch. Toulouse-Lautrec. Van Gogh. Gauguin. Roualt. [Read more ...]

Exuperantius, St. 3C Zurich martyr. [Read more ...]

Eyck, Jan van. c1389-1441. Flemish realist painter. Ghent altarpiece 1432. Developed use of oils. [Read more ...]

Eyre, Edward. 1815-1901. British explorer in Australia. Dismissed as governor of Jamaica for cruel repression of 1865 revolt. [Read more ...]

Ezekiah. King of Judah. [Read more ...]

Ezekial. 6C BC. Hebrew prophet. [Read more ...]

Ezzelino III da Ramono. 1194-1259. Cruel ruler of northern Italy. Subject of Dante’s Inferno. [Read more ...]

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