The Pocket Guide to World History

Egyptian Campaign. 1798-9. Napoleon invades. [Read more ...]

Ehrenburg, Ilia. 1891-1967. Soviet writer. [Read more ...]

Ehrlich, Paul. 1854-1915. German bacteriologist. Salvarsan syphilis treatment, 1909. Idea of specific drugs as “magic bullets”. [Read more ...]

Eichmann, Adolf. 1906-62. Nazi war criminal. Kidnaped in Argentina. Tried in Jerusalem. Executed. [Read more ...]

Eiffel, Gustave. 1832-1923. French engineer, builder of Eiffel Tower. [Read more ...]

Eiffel Tower. 1889. 320.75m high. 1652 steps. Opened for World Exhibition, Paris. [Read more ...]

1812, War of. = Anglo-American War. [Read more ...]

Eighty Years War. 1568~1648. Netherlands wins indep from Spain. [Read more ...]

Einaudi, Luigi. 1874-1961. Italian. First President of Republic, 1948-55. [Read more ...]

Einhard. c770-840. Frankish historian. Life of Charlemagne c830. [Read more ...]

Einstein, Albert. 1879-1955. German/Swiss/US physicist. Special Theory of Relativity 1905. Quantum theory 1905. General Theory of Relativity 1916. Pacifist, Zionist. [Read more ...]

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