The Pocket Guide to World History

Edward VI. 1537-53. King of England and Ireland, 1547-. Protestant reform. Named Jane Grey as successor. [Read more ...]

Edward VII. 1841-1910. King of UK, 1901-. Founded Order of Merit 1902. Promoted Anglo-French relations. [Read more ...]

Edward VIII. 1894-1972. King of UK 1936. Abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson, became Duke of Windsor. [Read more ...]

Edward the Confessor, St. c1003-66. Anglo Saxon king 1041-. Founded Westminster Abbey. Conquered Wales. Died without heir, prompting Norman Invasion. [Read more ...]

Edward the Elder. 870-924. King of Wessex, 899. Drove Danes from NW England. [Read more ...]

EEC. 1958 European Economic Community. European Union. [Read more ...]

EFTA. European Free Trade Association. 1960. Free trade with EEC: Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland. Until joining EEC: Denmark, Portugal, UK. [Read more ...]

Egbert. King of Wessex, 802-39. Temporary control of all England. [Read more ...]

Egeria. Roman goddess who advised Numa Pompilius. [Read more ...]

Egmont, Graaf van. 1522-68. Flemish. Opposed Protestant persecution. Execution led to revolt vs Spain. [Read more ...]

Egypt. 3100BC Menes unites. 2780 Old Kingdom. 2600 First pyramid. 2040 Middle Kingdom. 1570 New Kingdom. 663 Assyria. 525 Persia. 332 Alexander...323 Ptolemy. 30BC Rome...395 Byzantine. 642 Moslem. 1250 Mameluk. 1517 Ottoman. 1798 Napoleon. 1805 Ottoman. 1882 British occupy. 1914 British protectorate. 1922 Indepedent monarchy. 1952 Coup. 1953 Republic. 1958-61 UAR. [Read more ...]

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