The Pocket Guide to World History

Dismas, St. Thief converted by Jesus on cross. [Read more ...]

Disney, Walt. 1901-1966. US producer of animated cartoons. Mickey Mouse 1928. Snow White 1937. Disneyland 1955. [Read more ...]

Disputations. 4-18C Compulsory public debates, Jew vs Christian. [Read more ...]

Disraeli, Benjamin. 1804-81. English radical Imperialist Tory Prime Minister 1868,74-80. Suez Purchase. Novelist:Henrietta Temple 1837. Sybil. Coningsby. Lothair 1870. [Read more ...]

Disruption. 1843. Free Church secedes from Church of Scotland. [Read more ...]

Dissolution of Monasteries. 1536, small; 1539, large. Henry VIII siezes wealth of church. [Read more ...]

Dittersdorf, Karl von. 1739-99. Viennese light opera composer. Singspiel. [Read more ...]

Divine, Father. 1882-1965. US black leader. Peace Mission Movement. [Read more ...]

Divine Right. 16-18C. Assertion that king’s authority came from God. Louis XIV. James I. Charles I. [Read more ...]

Diving Bell. 1538. [Read more ...]

Dix, Dorothea. 1802-87. US social reformer for mentally ill. [Read more ...]

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