The Pocket Guide to World History

Dionysus. Greek god of wine and orgies = Bacchus. [Read more ...]

Diophantus. 3C. Greek mathematician. Arithmetica First algebra text. [Read more ...]

Diori, Hamani. 1916-89. First President of Niger 1960-74. Deposed. [Read more ...]

Dioscorides, Pedanius. 1C. Greek physician and pharmacologist. De Materia Medica used to 16C. [Read more ...]

Diplomatic Revolution. 1756. Reversal of alliances led to Seven Years War. [Read more ...]

Dirac, Paul. 1902-84. English quantum physicist. [Read more ...]

Directory. French government 1795-99. Consulate. [Read more ...]

Dis (Pater). Roman underworld god. = Pluto. Richest god. [Read more ...]

Disarmament Conference. 1932-4. 60 Nations fail to agree due to Hitler’s rise in Germany. [Read more ...]

Disciples of Christ. c1810-. US Protestant organization urging ancient order of Christianity. [Read more ...]

Disestablishment Acts. 1869, 1920 End Roman Catholic obligations to fund Episcopal Church of Ireland, Wales. [Read more ...]

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