The Pocket Guide to World History

Deuteronomic Reform. c621BC. Religious reforms in Judah. Josiah. [Read more ...]

Deuteronomy. 5th Book of Bible. Includes 10 Commandments and other laws. Law code found c622BC in Temple of Jerusalem. [Read more ...]

Devil’s Island. French Guiana. South American penal colony 1854-1946. [Read more ...]

Devil’s Parliament. 1459. Held at Coventry. [Read more ...]

Devolution, War of. 1667-8. French fail to sieze Spanish Netherlands for Marie-Thérèse vs Charles II. Triple Alliance. Aix-la-Chapelle. [Read more ...]

Dewar, James. 1842-1923. Scottish physicist: liquified helium1898, vacuum flask. Abel. [Read more ...]

Dewey, George. 1837-1917. US admiral in Spanish-American War. [Read more ...]

Dewey, John. 1859-1952. US Pragmatist philosopher. -’It is in society’s interest that an individual develop and exercise his talents’. Studies in Logical Theory 1903. [Read more ...]

Dewey, Melvil. 1851-1931. US. Devised library catalogue system. [Read more ...]

Dewey, Thomas. 1902-71. Lost US presidential elections 1944,8. [Read more ...]

DGB. 1949-. Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund. Dominant German trade union. [Read more ...]

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