The Pocket Guide to World History

DeSmet, Pierre. 1801-73. French missionary to US. Mediator between settlers, Indians. [Read more ...]

Desmoulins, Camille. 1760-94. French journalist, lawyer and conventionnel. Speech inspired the storming of the Bastille. Executed as Moderate. [Read more ...]

Despard, Edward. 1751-1803. 1802 Plot to assassinate George III. [Read more ...]

Despenser, Hugh le. 1261-1326 The Elder; -1326 The Younger. Advised/controlled Edward II. Executed by Mortimer and Isabella. [Read more ...]

DesPrés, Josquin. c1440-c1521. Franco-Flemish contrapuntal composer. Motets, chansons. [Read more ...]

Dessalines, Jacques. c1758-1806. Cruel ex-slave Emperor of Haiti 1804-. [Read more ...]

Détente. 1969-79. Relaxation of Cold War tensions between SALT and Afghanistan Invasion. [Read more ...]

Determinism. All events pre-determined. No free will. Hobbes. [Read more ...]

Dettingen, Battle. 1743. English defeat French in War of Austrian Succession. [Read more ...]

Deucalion. Greek mythological equivalent of Noah. [Read more ...]

Deulino, Truce. 1618-32. Russian Time of Troubles. Suspended Polish intervention. [Read more ...]

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