The Pocket Guide to World History

Alexander of Hales. -1245. English Franciscan Aristotelian philosopher, theologian. Summa Theologia 1246. [Read more ...]

Alexander the Great. 356-323BC. Macedonian king 336-. Conquered an Asian empire to Persia and India. [Read more ...]

Alexandra, Feodorovna. 1872-1918. Wife of Nicholas II of Russia. Controlled Gov’t during WWI. Cause of Revolution. Executed. Rasputin. [Read more ...]

Alexandria. Founded 332BC by Alexander the Great. Centre of Hellenistic culture. Lighthouse one of Seven Wonders. 284BC Great Library of 700,000+ volumes. Fires 47BC, 391. [Read more ...]

Alexandrian School. 2C. First Christian school of higher learning. [Read more ...]

Alexis. 1629-76. Russian czar 1645-. Recognized serfdom. Northern War. Peasant Revolt 1667-71. [Read more ...]

Alexius I. 1048-1118. Byzantine Emperor 1081-. Restored empire. Requested aid. First Crusade. [Read more ...]

Alfonso X (the Wise). 1221-84. King of León and Castile. Codified laws, first history of Spain. [Read more ...]

Alfonso XIII. 1886-1941. King of Spain 1886-1931. Survived 5 assassination attempts. Support for Primo de Rivera weakened monarchy. [Read more ...]

Alfred the Great. 849-99. Saxon King of Wessex 871-. Resisted Danes 877-79 (Edington) + 892-96. Captured London 886. First British Navy 897. [Read more ...]

Algeciras, Conference. 1906. French retain rights over Morocco. [Read more ...]

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