The Pocket Guide to World History

Colombo Plan. 1951-77. Commonwealth plan to improve living conditions in SE Asia, check spread of communism. [Read more ...]

Colonial Wars. 1834-1902. British wars against Sikhs, Burmese, Crimeans, Boers. [Read more ...]

Colosseum. 80. Roman amphitheater erected by Vespasian. [Read more ...]

Colossus of Rhodes. 280-224BC. 30m bronze statue of Helios. Collapsed during earthquake. A 7 Wonder. [Read more ...]

Colt, Samuel. 1814-62. US revolver inventor. [Read more ...]

Columba, St. c521-597. Irish monk. Missionary to Scotland. [Read more ...]

Columban, St. c543-615. Irish monk. Missionary to France, Switzerland, Italy. [Read more ...]

Columbia. US 1981. First reusable spacecraft. [Read more ...]

Columbus, Christopher. 1446-1506. Genoese navigator for Spain. Discovered America, 1492. Pinzon. [Read more ...]

Combination Acts. 1799, 1800. Britain outlaws trade unions. Repealed 1824. [Read more ...]

COMECON. Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. 1949-91. USSR and satellites central planning organization. [Read more ...]

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