The Pocket Guide to World History

Code of Hammurabi. 18C BC. Written legal code. [Read more ...]

Codrus. 11C BC/Legendary last king of Athens. [Read more ...]

Cody, William F. Buffalo Bill. [Read more ...]

Coffee. 16/17C to Europe. 1650 Oxford. First coffee house. [Read more ...]

Cohn, F. J. 1828-98. Founder of bacteriology. [Read more ...]

Coke, Edward. 1552-1634. English jurist. Defended Common Law. Prosecuted Raleigh. [Read more ...]

Colbert, Jean-Baptiste. 1619-83. Louis XIV’s Finance Minister. [Read more ...]

Colchester. Pre-Roman Belgic capital. First Roman settlement in Britain. [Read more ...]

Cold War. 1946-90. Alternating crisis and detente between west and east, begun with Russia breaking Potsdam Agreement and creating communist regimes in East Germany and Czechoslovakia. [Read more ...]

Coldstream Guards. 1650. Marched to London to restore Charles II. [Read more ...]

Cole, George. 1889-1959. English economist/journalist: The Intelligent Man’s Guide Through World Chaos. [Read more ...]

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