The Pocket Guide to World History

Cleopatra’s Needles. c1500BC Thutmose III. Gift of Egypt to Britain, US. Erected London 1878, NY 1881. [Read more ...]

Clermont Council. 1095. Proposed first Crusade. [Read more ...]

Clinton, Henry. 1738-95. Commander 1778-81. Blamed for British defeat in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Clinton, William J. 1946- US president 1993-2001. Impeached, acquitted over Lewinsky affair. Signed NAFTA. Raised taxes. [Read more ...]

Clio. The Muse of history. [Read more ...]

Clive, Robert. 1725-74. Conquerer, First British governor of Bengal. [Read more ...]

Clocks. 3500BC Gnomon. 2000BC Chinese. 8C BC sundial 4C BC Greek water clock. 300BC hemispherical sundial 160BC Rome. 12C mechanical. 1379 de Vick. 1657 Huygens pendulum. [Read more ...]

Clotaire I. -561. Son of Clovis. Merovingian king of Franks 511-. Reunited empire 558-61. [Read more ...]

Clotaire II. 584-629. Merovingian king of Neustria. Reunited Frankish Empire 613, but ceded power to nobles. [Read more ...]

Clotho. Youngest Fate. Spinner of thread of life. [Read more ...]

Clotilda, St. c475-545. Converted her husband, Clovis. [Read more ...]

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