The Pocket Guide to World History

Cloud, St. (Clodoald). Grandson of Clovis I. [Read more ...]

Clouet, Jean. 1485-1540. French portrait painter. [Read more ...]

Clovis I. 465-511. Salian Frankish king 481-. Conquered N Gaul. Baptized at Reims. Moved capital to Paris in 506. First Merovingian king of France. [Read more ...]

Club of Rome. Published 1972 Limits to Growth showing the dangers of overpopulation. [Read more ...]

Clunaics. 910-12C. Strict Benedictine Order. [Read more ...]

Clymene. Nymph. Mother of Atlas and Prometheus. [Read more ...]

Clytemnestra. Wife and murderess of Agamemnon. Killed by her children, Orestes and Electra. [Read more ...]

CND. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. [Read more ...]

Coalition, Wars of. 1792-1815. European powers oppose France’s revolutionary ideas and expansion. French Revolutionary Wars. Napoleonic Wars. Third Coalition War. [Read more ...]

Coatlicue. Aztec earth goddess. [Read more ...]

Cobbett, William. 1763-1835. English working class pamphleteer. [Read more ...]

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