The Pocket Guide to World History

Burschenschaften. 1815-19. Militant student societies seeking united Germany. [Read more ...]

Burundi. Ruanda Urundi. 1962 Independent kingdom. 1966 Republic. [Read more ...]

Büsching, Anton. 1724-93. German scientific geographer. New System of Geography 1762. [Read more ...]

Bushido. 12C- Samurai warrior code. Personal honour, loyalty. [Read more ...]

Bushmen. South African tribe. = San. [Read more ...]

Bushnell, David. 1742-1824. US inventor of submarine, Turtle, 1775. [Read more ...]

Bushrangers. 19C Australian bandits in outback. Kelly. [Read more ...]

Buson. 1716-83. Japanese haiku poet/painter. [Read more ...]

Busoni, Ferruccio. 1866-1924. Italian neoclassical, anti-Romantic composer in Liszt tradition. Fantasia 1903-4. [Read more ...]

Busta Gallorum, Battle. 552. Narses defeats Goths. Italy comes under Byzantine Empire. [Read more ...]

Butades of Sicyon. c600BC. First Greek to sculpt in clay. [Read more ...]

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