The Pocket Guide to World History

Boulanger, Georges. 1837-91. French popular war minister. Conspired coup 1889. Banished. [Read more ...]

Boulez, Pierre. 1925-. French 12-tone avant-garde composer. Sonatine 1946. [Read more ...]

Boulle, Pierre. 1912-94. French novelist. Bridge on the River Kwai 1952. [Read more ...]

Boullée, Étienne. 1728-99. French grandiose Neoclassical architect. [Read more ...]

Boumédienne, Houari. 1925-78. Islamic Algerian President from 1965 coup. [Read more ...]

Bounty, HMS. 1789 Mutiny vs Bligh. [Read more ...]

Bourassa, Henri. 1868-1952. Montreal journalist, politician. Founded Le Devoir, 1910. [Read more ...]

Bourbon. 1327~1848 French dynasty. 1700~ Spain. 1734-1860 Naples. [Read more ...]

Bourdelle, Antoine. 1861-1929. French sculptor. Simplified Greek style of heroic energy. Heracles 1910. [Read more ...]

Bourgeois, Léon. 1851-1925. French statesman. League of Nations. [Read more ...]

Bourgeoisie. French merchant, craft class. Marxist term for those who do not live by the sale of their labour. Proletariat. [Read more ...]

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