The Pocket Guide to World History

Aetius, Flavius. -454. Roman general, defeated Attila at Catalonia, 451. [Read more ...]

Aetolian League. 4-2C BC. Confederation of Greek city states, led by Thebes. [Read more ...]

Afghanistan. c200BC Aryan. 6C BC Achaemenid. 330 Alexander...Seleucid/ Maurya. 2C BC Persia/ India/ Parthia/ Kushan. 7C Arab (NW). 750 Persia (W)/ Hindu (E). 1219 Mongol...Timurid. 1525 Mogul. 1737 Persia. 1747 Monarchy. 19 C Britain/Russia dispute 1880 British suzerainty. 1919 Independent. 1973 Marxist coup, Republic. 1978 Communist coup. 1979 Russian occupation. 1989 Mujahideen expel Russians aided by CIA. 1990s Warlords. 2001 US attack Taliban. [Read more ...]

Afghanistan Invasion. 1979-87. Russian troops support Marxist revolutionaries. [Read more ...]

AFL-CIO. American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations. AFL 1886. CIO 1935. Merged, 1955. US labour union federation. [Read more ...]

Afonso I. c1111-1185. First King of Portugal, 1139. [Read more ...]

African Colonization. 1840-1920. 15C Portuguese exploration. 1884-1920 Africa divided by European powers. 1950- anti-colonial mvmts. [Read more ...]

African National Congress. ANC. 1912-. Organization for black rights in South Africa outlawed to 1990. 1994- Ruling party. Mandela. [Read more ...]

Africanus Sextus. c180-250. Wrote chronology of World, Creation to 221 AD. [Read more ...]

Afrikaans. Dutch-derived language of South Africa. [Read more ...]

Aga Khan. Title of leader of Ismaili Moslem sect. [Read more ...]

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