The Pocket Guide to World History

Aga Khan III. 1877-1957. Indian Moslem leader. President, League of Nations, Gen Assembly, 1937. [Read more ...]

Agadir Crisis. 1911. French/German crisis by German manoevres off Morocco. [Read more ...]

Agam, Yaacov. 1928-. Israeli optical artist. [Read more ...]

Agamemnon. Legendary King of Argos/Mycenae. Led Greeks in Trojan War. [Read more ...]

Aggression. 1974 UN Definition-Use of armed force against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another state. [Read more ...]

Agincourt, Battle. 1415. English victory over French during 100 Years War. High French losses. [Read more ...]

Agnes, St. 4C. Roman girl martyred at 13. [Read more ...]

Agni. Hindu god of fire, sun and lightning. [Read more ...]

Agnosticism. Huxley’s term for not knowing whether God exists or not. [Read more ...]

Agora. Greek open-air market/meeting place. [Read more ...]

Agricola, G. J. 40-93. Roman governor who subdued Britain. [Read more ...]

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