The Pocket Guide to World History

Aarau to Abd al-Mumin

Abd ar-Rahman to Abercrombie

Aberhart to Abstract Expressionism

Abu al-Abbas as Saffah to Achaean League

Achaeans to Action Française

Actium to Adams

Addams to Adlerian

Admetus to Adullam

Adventists to Aesop

Aetius to Aga Khan

Aga Khan III to Agricola

Agricola to Aiken

Aircraft Transport and Travel Ltd to Alabama Claims

Alamein to Alba

Alba Longa to Alberti

Albertus to Alcazar

Alchemy to Alecto

Alemanni to Alexander VI

Alexander of Hales to Algeciras

Alger to Alien Registration Act

Aljubarrota to Almoravids

Alp-Arslan to Altranstadt

Alvarado to Amboina Massacre

Amboise to Amethyst Incident

Amiens to Amor

Amorites to An

Anabaptists to Anaximenes

Ancien Régime to Andrew II

Androcles to Anglicanism

Anglo-Afghan to Anglo-Saxons

Anglo-Soviet to Annates

Anne to Ansgar

Antaeus to Anti-Corn Law League

Anti-Masonic to Antigua and Barbuda

Antinomianism to Antoninus

Antony to Apache

Apartheid to Apollonius

Apostles to April Theses

Aqua Appia to Arago

Aragon to Arcadia

Arcadia to Archimedes

Archons to Argus

Ariadne to Arius

Arjun to Armenian Church

Armenian Massacres to Arnold

Arnold to Arsacids

Arsonval to Articles of Confederation

Artigas to Asgard

Ashanti to Aspern-Essling

Asquith to Astor

Asturias to Athenian League

Athens to Atreus

Atropos to Audubon

Auer to Augustus

Augustus II to Austen

Austerlitz to Austro-Prussian

Austro-Turkish to Avesta

Avicenna to Azaña

Azerbaijan to Babeuf

Babington to Bach

Backgammon to Badr

Baedeker to Bailey

Bailey to Balaam

Balakirev to Bali

Balkan Crisis to Baltard

Balthazar to Bandaranaike

Bandeira to Banville

Bao Dai to Barbarossa II

Barbary to Barebones Parliament

Barents to Barons War

Baroque Art to Bart

Barth to Bärwalde

Barye to Basque

Bassano to Bath

Bathory to Baum

Baumé to Bazaine

Bazille to Beauregard

Beauvais to Bedlam

Bedouin to Behistun Inscription

Behrens to Belinsky

Belisarius to Belle-Isle

Belleau to Ben Bella

Ben Gurion to Benét

Benét to Bentham

Bentley to Bergerac

Bergman to Berlin Congress

Berlin Decree to Bernard

Bernard to Bernstein

Berry to Bessel

Bessemer to Bhagavatas

Bhascara to Bierce

Big Bang to Birth Control Clinic

Biruni to Black and Tans

Black Army to Black Muslims

Black Nationalism to Blake

Blanc to Blest Gana

Bligh to Bloody Sunday

Bloody Week to Blurb

Bly to Bodhisattva

Bodin to Böhme

Bohr to Bolsheviks

Bolt to Boniface VIII

Bonivard to Booth

Bootlegging to Borgia

Borgia to Borromini

Bosanquet to Boswell

Bosworth Field to Bougainville

Boulanger to Bourgeoisie

Bourges to Boxers

Boyacá to Bradstreet

Brady to Brahmin

Brahms to Brant

Brant to Brébeuf

Brecht to Brétigny

Breton to Briand

Briand-Kellog Pact to Bristol Riots

Britain to British Museum

British North America Act to Bronte

Bronte to Brown

Brown to Bruce

Bruckner to Brunelleschi

Brunhild to Buber

Bubonic Plague to Buck

Bucket Shop to Buisson

Bukhari to Bull Run

Bülow to Bunyan

Burbage to Burlingame

Burma to Burroughs

Burschenschaften to Butades of Sicyon

Butler to Byzantine Empire

Byzantium to Cabral

Cabrera to Cadmus

Cadoudal to Cagoulards

Cahenslyism to Calatrava

Calchas to Callaghan

Calles to Calpurnia

Calvin to Camden Town Group

Camel to Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campanella to Canadian Pacific Railway

Canaletto to Canova

Cánovas to Cape Colony

Cape Frontier Wars to Capitol

Capone to Carausius

Caravaggio to Caribbean Community

Carissimi to Carmathians

Carmelite to Carol II

Caroline Affair to Carrera

Carrera to Carthage

Carthusians to Casablanca

Casals to Cassius

Cassivellaunus to Cat and Mouse Act

Catacombs to Catherine I

Catherine II, the Great to Catolacus

Catt to Cavalier Poets

Cavaliere to Cecilia

Cecrops to Central America Federation

Central Committee to Ceylon

Cezanne to Chaillot Palace

Chain to Chamberlain

Chambers to Chanak Crisis

Chancellor to Chaos

Chaplin to Charles I

Charles I to Charles VII

Charles VIII to Charpentier

Charter to Chaucer

Chaykovsky to Cherubini

Chess to Chicago

Chicherin to China

Chinese Civil War to Chkheidze

Chocolate to Christian IX

Christian X to Chu Hsi

Chu Teh to Ciceronian Period

Cid to Cinq-Mars

Cinque Ports to Clapham Sect

Clare to Claudel

Claudian to Clemenceau

Clemens to Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra’s Needles to Clotilda

Cloud to Cobbett

Cobden to Code Napoleon

Code of Hammurabi to Cole

Coleridge to Colombo

Colombo Plan to COMECON

Comédie-Francaise to Commonwealth

Commonwealth to Compte Rendu

Compton to Concordat

Concorde to Congo

Congo Conference to Conquillards

Conquistadors to Constant de Rebecque

Constantine I to Consul

Consulate to Cook

Coolie to Corday

Cordeliers to Corinthian Wars

Corn Laws to Corsica

Cortes to Coty

Coubertin to Coup d’État

Couperin to Coverdale

Coward to Crazy Horse

Crédit Mobilier of America to Cricket

Crimean War to Crofter

Crofters Act to Crucifixion

Crusades to Culloden

Culpeper’s Rebellion to Cunningham

Cupid to Cuza

CWA to Cyprus Emergency

Cyprus Revolt to Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia Intervention to Dahomey

Daigo II to Dalmatia

Dalou to Danaë

Danaïdes to Danton

Danu to Darius I

Darius II to Daugherty

Daughters of the American Revolution to David d’Angers

Davies to Day

Dayan to De Vries

De Wet to Debussy

Decadents to Decorated

Deductive Reasoning to DeGaulle

DeHavilland to Delcassé

DeLeon to Delisle

Delius to Democracy

Democratic Centralists to Deogaon

Deorham to Desiderius

DeSmet to Deulino

Deuteronomic Reform to DGB

Dharma to Dickens

Dickinson to Diggers

Dillinger to Dionysius of Halicarnassus

Dionysus to Disestablishment Acts

Dismas to Dix

Dixie to Dodecanese

Dodge City to Dollfuss

Döllinger to Don Juan

Don Pacifico Affair to Donnybrook

Doppler to Dostoyevsky

Doubleday to Dow

Dowding to Drake

Drang nach Osten to Dresden Codex

Drexler to Dryden

Du Bois to Dubois

Duchamp to Dulles

Duluth to Dunes

Dunkards to Dupplin Moor

Duquesne to Dust Bowl

Dutch East India Company to Dyarchy

Dylan to East India Companies

East-West Schism to Eck

Eckhart to Eddy

Edelinck to Edison

Edmund to Edward V

Edward VI to Egypt

Egyptian Campaign to Einstein

Einthoven to El Salvador

Elagabalus to Elgin

Elgin to Elizabeth I

Elizabeth II to Emancipation Proclamation

Embla to Empire of the East

Empire of the West to Engels

Enghien to Ensor

Entebbe to Ephor

Ephorus to Episcopalianism

Epoch of Civil War to Eretria

Erfurt Parliament to Errs

Erse to Essex

Essex to Ethelred the Unready

Ethics to Eugénie

Eulenspiegel to European Parliament

European Union to Evelyn

Everest to Exodus

Explorer I to Ezzelino III da Ramono

Fabergé to Faisal I

Faisal II to Family Compact

Family Pact to Fashoda Incident

Fatalism to Favre

Fawcett to Felletin

Fellini to Ferdinand I

Ferdinand II to Festival of the Supreme Being

Festus to Ficino

Fiefs to Fillmore

Final Solution to Fire of London

Firearms to Fitzgerald

Five Dynasties to Flammarian

Flamsteed to Flemish

Fleur de Lys to Florian

Florin to Fontana

Fontenelle to Foreign Ministers

Forester to Foucault

Fouché to Four Noble Truths

Four Power Pacific Treaty to France

France to Francis of Paola

Francis Xavier to Frankfurt Assembly

Frankish Kingdom to Frederick II

Frederick II to Free-Soil Party

Free Trade to French Community

French East India Company to French Revolutionary Wars

French Somaliland to Freyr

Friedman to Frontenac

Frontier to Fuller

Fulton to Futurism

Gabelle to Gaelic

Gag Rules to Galba

Galbraith to Gallas

Galle to Galt

Galton to Gandhi

Gandhi to Garnier

Garrick to Gath

Gatling to Gauss

Gautama to Gellert

Gemayel to Geneviève

Genghis Khan to George

George to Georgia

Georgian Architecture to Germany

Germany, to Ghazali

Ghazan to Gibbon

Gibbon to Gilbert

Gilded Age to Girtin

Giscard d’Éstaing to Glinka

Globe Theatre to God’s Truce

Goddard to Goes

Goethals to Golden Bull

Golden Bull to Goldoni

Goldsmith to Goncourt

Gongora to Gordon Riots

Gorgias to Goujon

Gounod to Gramme

Gran Colombia to Grande Gallery

Grandee to Gravelines

Graves to Great Train Robbery

Great Trek to Greeley

Green to Gregory I

Gregory VII (Hildebrand) to Gresham

Gretna Green to Gringo

Griquas to Group of Seven

Grünewald to Guesclin

Gueux to Guinevere

Guise to Gurney

Gustav I to Habeas Corpus Act

Hachemite to Hahn

Hahnemann to Halevi

Halifax to Hals

Ham to Hammarskjold

Hammerstein to Hand

Handel to Hapsburg

Harald I to Harmodius

Harmony Society to Harris

Harris to Harvey

Hasdrubal to Hauptman

Haushofer to Haymarket Riot

Hazlitt to Hebrews

Hecate to Heinkel

Heisenberg to Hellenic League

Hellenistic Art to Helvetia

Helvetic Confessions to Henry

Henry I to Henry V

Henry VI to Hera

Heraclea to Heredia

Hermandad to Herodotus

Heroic Age to Hesiod

Hesperides to Heyerdahl

Hiawatha to Hillary

Hillel to Hipparchus

Hippias to Historia Regum Britanniae

Hitchcock to Hodler

Hofer to Hojo

Hokusai to Holmes

Holocaust to Homer

Homestead Acts to Hood

Hooft to Horace

Horae to Housman

Houston to Hsi Ho

Hsia to Hubertusburg

Hudaybiyah to Hui-neng

Huitzilopochtli to Humperdinck

Hundred Days to Hunter

Hunter’s Lodge to Hutchinson

Hutterites to Hymen

Hypatia to Iberians

Iberville to Ice Age

Iceland to Idomeneus

Idris to Ile de la Cité

Ile St-Louis to Immigration Laws

Immortals to Independence Day

Independent Labour Party to Indian Mutiny

Indian National Congress to Industrial Workers of the World

Infallibility to Innocent XI

Innocents to International

International Brigades to Ion

Ionesco to Ireland

Ireland to Irish Home Rule

Irish Land Acts to Ironclads

Iroquois League to Isaiah

Isaurian to Isolationism

Israel to Italy

Ito Hirobumi to Izanagi and Izanami

Jabir Ibn Hayyan to Jacquemart

Jacquerie Revolt to James

James to James V

Jameson Raid to Jaques-Dalcroze

Jaruzelski to Jay’s Treaty

Jean de Meung to Jenkins’ Ear

Jenner to Jerusalem

Jerusalem to Jezebel

Jibril to Joad

Joan to John

John to John VIII

John XX to Johns

Johnson to Jones

Jones to Joseph I

Joseph II to Jowett

Joyce to Judicial

Judith to July Offensive

July Ordinances to Jutes

Jutland to K’ai-feng

Kalevala to Kamenev

Kamerlingh Onnes to Kano

Kano School to Karaiism

Karakhan Manifesto to Kassites

Kato to Keble

Kedah to Kelvin

Kemal to Kepler

Kerensky to Khedive

Khmer to Kiel

Kiel Mutiny to King Cotton

King George’s War to Kirchhoff

Kirchner to Kitchener

Kléber to Knights of Labor

Knights of St John to Koenig

Koffka to Koran

Korea to Kouros, Kore

Krakatoa to Krupp

Krylov to Kuril Island

Kushan to Labiche

Labienus to Ladislaus II

Ladislaus III to Lagides

Lagos to Lame Duck

Lamerie to Land

Land Decree to Lansdowne

Lao-tzu to Larousse

Lars Porsena to Lateran Synod

Lateran Treaty to Lattimore

Latvia to Lavalleja

Lavater to Lawrence

Lawrence to League of Nations

Leakey to Lebanon

Lebensraum to Ledoux

LeDuc to Legion

Legion of Honour to Le Jeune

Le Lorrain to Leninism

Lenoir to Leonardo da Vinci

Leoncavello to Leovigild

Lepanto to Lessing

Lessing to Levi

Leviathan to Lexington and Concord

Leyte Gulf to Liberalism

Liberalism to Lidice

Lie to Liluokalani

Lima Declaration to Lincolnshire Insurection

Lindbergh to Lister

Liszt to Livia Drusilla

Livingstone to Llwelyn

Lobachevsky to Logos

Lohengrin to Lomé Convention

Loménie de Brienne to London Naval Conference

London Pact to Longinus

Lönrott to Lothair

Lothair I to Louis II

Louis II to Louis VIII

Louis X to Louis XVIII

Louis-Philippe to Lowell

Lower Canada to Lucillius

Luckner to Lumumba

Luna 2 to Lutetia

Luther to Lyceum

Lycia to Lysippus

Lytton to MacDonald

MacDonald to Machiavelli

Machu Picchu to Macrobius

Mad Parliament to Mafia

Magdeburg to Magnus VI

Magritte to Maïakovski

Maida to Majorian

Makarios III to Malayan Emergency

Malaysia to Mallen

Mallorca to Malvinas Is

Mameluks to Mandate

Mandela to Mann

Mann to Mantegna

Mantua to Maori Wars

Maquis to Marcellus

March First Movement to Marcus Aurelius

Marcuse to Maria Luisa

Maria Theresa to Mark

Markiewicz to Marquess

Marquette to Marshall

Marshall Plan to Martin

Martin I to Mary Magdalene

Mary of Burgundy to Masora

Massachussets Bay Co to Mathieu

Mathura to Mau-Mau Revolt

Mauchley to Maury

Maurya Empire to Maxwell

May Demonstrations to Mazarin

Mazarin Bible to McClure

McCormick to Medieval Art

Medieval Music to Mehmed I

Mehmed II to Melchites

Meleager to Memphis

Menander to Menelaus

Menendez de Aviles to Mephistopheles

Mercantilism to Merleau-Ponty

Merlin to Meshed

Mesmer to Metaphysical Painting

Metaphysical Poets to Methusaleh

Métis to MGB

MI5 to Michelson

Michener to Midianites

Midway to Milhaud

Military Conversations to Miller

Millet to Mindszenty

Minerva to Minuit

Minutemen to Mississippi Scheme

Missouri Comromise to Mnemosyne

Mnesicles to Mogul

Mohács to Molinos

Molly Maguires to Monet

Monge to Monotheism

Monothelitism to Montecassino

Montecuccoli to Montgolfier

Montgomery to Moore

Moore to More

Moreau to Mormons

Mornay to Morris Dance

Morris Pillars to Moscow Declaration

Moscow Olympics to Mott

Motte and Bailey to Mudéjar

Mufti to Mukden Incident

Müller to Müntzer

Murad I to Murten

Muscadins to Mutanabbi

Mutsuhito to Myrmidons

Myron to Nabopolassar

Naboth to Nagasaki

Nagodba Compromise to Nansen

Nantes to Narodniki

Narragansett to Nasrids

Nassau to National Covenant

National Defense to National Party

National Recovery Organization to NATO

Natural Rights to Navigation Acts

Nazareth to Necho

Necker to NeoBabylonian

Neoclassical to Nernst

Nero to Neuilly

Neumann to New Caledonia

New Deal to New South Wales

New Spain to Newman

Newspapers to Nicaea

Nicaea to Nicholas V

Nicholas of Cusa to Nietzche

Niger to Nile

Nimitz to Nkomo

Nkrumah to Nolde

Nominalism to Norfolk

Norgay to North Sea Gas

North Sea Oil to Northwest Rebellion

Norton to November Insurrection

Novgorod to Numa Pompilius

Numidia to Nyx

Oakley to Obote

Obregón to Ockeghem

O’Connell to Odeon

Oder-Neisse Line to OEEC

Oehlenschläger to O’Higgins

Ohm to Olaf V

Old Age Pensions to Oldenburg

Oleg to Olympias

Olympics to Oneida Community

O’Neill to Opium Wars

Oppenheimer to Oregon Question

Oregon Trail to Orlando

Orléanists to Orozco

Orpheus to Osceola

Osiris to Otakar II

Ottawa Conference to Owen

Owen to Pacific

Pacification of Ghent to Pahlavi

Pahlavi to Paleolithic

Paleologus to Palladium

Pallas to Pan-Slavism

Panama to Pankhurst

Panmunjom to Papin

Papineau to Paris

Paris to Parker

Parker to Páros

Parr to Partisans

Pascal to Patay

Patel to Päts

Patton to Pauling

Paullus to Paxton

Paz to Peasants’ War

Pedrell to Peirce

Peisistratus to Peloponnesian War

Peloponnesian War to Penn

Penry to Percier

Percival to Pergamum

Pergolesi to Perpetual Alliance

Perrault to Persius

Peru to Peterhouse

Peterloo Massacre to Petronius

Pfitzner to Phenomenology

Phidias to Philip IV

Philip V to Philippine Revolution

Philippine Sea to Phocas

Phoebe to Piast

Piazzi to Picts

Pied Piper of Hamelin to Pillnitz

Pilon to Piraeus

Pirandello to Pius VII

Pius IX to Plainsong

Planck to Platt Amendment

Plautus to Pliny the Younger

PLO to Pogrom

Poincaré to Polignac

Polish Campaign to Pol Pot

Poltava to Pompadour

Pompeii to Pont de la Concorde

Pont Neuf to Pope

Pope to Porphyry

Port Arthur to Portland

Portsmouth to Post-Romantic

Potato War to Poussin

Powell to Pragmatic Sanction

Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges to Prasad

Pratt to Preminger

Presbyterianism to Priapus

Price to Prior

Privateers to Progressive Party

Prohibition to Protectionism

Protectorate to Provence

Provisors to Ptolemy

Ptolemy I Suter to Pueblo

Pueblo Rebellion to Pure Land Buddhism

Purge to Pyramus and Thisbe

Pyrenees to Quadi

Quadrilateral to Quatre Bars

Quebec to Quetzalcóatl

Quezon to Ra

Rabelais to Radisson and Groseilliers

Radom to Rainaldi

Rainier III to Rama

Ramakrishna to Ramses II

Ramus to Raphaël

Rappites to Ravaillac

Ravel to Reagan

Realism to Red Guards

Red Hat Rebellion to Reformation

Régence to Regula

Regulating Act to Reims Cathedral

Reinsurance Treaty to Remington

Remonstrants to Renner

Rennie to Resistance

Respighi to Reuter

Revera to Rhaetia

Rhea to Rhuddlan

Rhys to Richard II

Richard III to Rickenbacker

Rickover to Right Opposition

Rights to Rimsky-Korsakov

Ringling to Rizal

Roanoke Colony to Roberts

Roberts to Rockwell

Rococo to Rogers

Rogers to Rölvaag

Romains to Romansh

Romantic to Romulus

Romulus Augustulus to Rorschach

Rosa to Ross

Ross to Rothko

Rothschild to Rousseau

Roux to Royal Hospital

Royal Scots Guards to Rubinstein

Rubinstein to Ruhr

Ruisdael to Rushmore

Ruska to Russian Civil War

Russian Revolution to Ruthenian Church

Rutherford to Saarinen

Saarinen to Sachs

Sackville to Saint

Saint-Exupéry to Saladin

Salamis to Salinger

Salisbury to SALT

Salten to Samson

Samudra Gupta to San Juan Hill

San Marino to Sandwich

Sandys to Santander

Santayana to Sarah

Sarapis to Sark

Sarmations to Sato Eisaku

Satrap to Savonnerie

Savoy to Sayers

Scaevola to Scarron

Sceptics to Schiaparelli

Schickard to Schlesinger

Schlesinger to Schongauer

Schoolmen to Schwarzenberg

Schweitzer to Scotland

Scotland Yard to Scrofula

Scutage to SEC

Second Front to Seguin

Ségurane to Semele

Seminole Wars to Senghor

Sennacherib to Serfdom

Serra to Settlement

Seurat to Severini

Severus to Sforza

Shabbetai to Shapley

Shapur I to Shenandoah

Shepard to Shih Huang-ti

Shih Wang to Shockley

Shogun to Sibelius

Siberia to Siegfried

Siegfried Line to Sigurdsson

Sihanouk to Silesia

Silesian Wars to Simeon II

Simnel to Sinan

Sinclair to Siqueiros

Sirens to Siward

Six to Slansky Trial

Slater to Slovenia

Sluis to Smithson

Smog Disasters to Sobieski

Sobrero to Socialism

Socialism, to Sol

Solemn League and Covenant to Somoza

Sonderbund to Sorel

Sorel to Sousa

South Africa to Spallanzani

Spance to Spanish Sahara

Spanish Succession to Spengler

Spenser to Spode

Spoils System to Ssu-ma Ch’ien

St Albans to St-Gervais-St-Protais

St Helena to St Peter’s

St Petersburg to Stakhanovism

Stalin to Stanford

Stanford to Starr

Stasi to Steffens

Steichen to Stephen

Stephen to Stevens

Stevenson to Stockton

Stoicism to Storting

Stowe to Strathclyde

Strathcona and Mount Royal to Strickland

Strindberg to Stuart

Stuart to Succession States

Suckling to Suffrage, Women

Suffragettes to Sully

Sully to Sunday School

Sunderland to Surya

Susanna to Svevo

Sviatoslav to Sweelinck

Sweyn to Symbolists

Symons to Taborites

Tacitus to Taira

Taisho to Tallien

Tallin to Tangier

Tangun to Tardieu

Targowica to Tarquins

Tartini to Tay Son Rebellion

Taylor to Teapot Dome Scandal

Technocracy to Telephone

Telford to Ten Commandments

Ten Thousand to Teotihuacan

Terence to Teschen Dispute

Teschen to Teutons

Tewkesbury to Thames

Thant to Themistocles

Theocracy to Theodosius II

Theophrastus to Thiers

Thimmonier to Thistlewood

Thököly to Thompson

Thomson to Thrasybulus

Three-Anti Campaign to Thresher

Throckmorton to Tibetan Buddhism

Tibullus to Tillich

Tilly to Tiradentes

Tirpitz to Titian

Tito to Tokugawa Mitsukuni

Toleration to Tonga

Tonkin Resolution to Tory

Toscanini to Tov

Tower of London to Trafalgar

Trajan to Trappists

Trasimeno to Tribonian

Tricolour to Triptolemus

Triton to Troubadours

Troubles to Truman

Truman Doctrine to Tuareg

Tubman to Tupac Amaru

Turckheim to Turks

Turner to Tweed

Twelve Tables to Tyndale

Tyndall to Uesugi

Uganda to Ulster Troubles

Ultraismo to Uncas

Uncle Sam to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Unitarianism to United Provinces of Central America

United States of America to Urania

Uranus to Ursulines

Uruguay to Utopia

Utraquists to Vairagin

Vaisnavism to Valkyries

Valla to Van Dyck

Van Eyck to Vanuatu

Varangian Guard to Vassal

Vatican to Vedanta

Vedas to Venetia

Venetian school to Verdun

Verdun to Verona

Verona Congress to Vespasian

Vespucci to Victor Emmanuel III

Victoria to Vienna

Vienna to Vigilante

Vigny to Villiers

Villon to Virgin Is

Virgin Is to Visigoths

Vitalism to Volkssturm

Volsci to Vosges

Voting Rights Act to Wagram

Wahabi to Waldheim

Wales to Wallenberg

Wallenstein to Walther von der Vogelwelde

Walton to Warren

Warren to Watches

Watergate to Waugh

Weather Forecasts to Wedmore

Wegener to Wellesley

Wellington to Wessex

West to Western Samoa

Westinghouse to Westphalia

Westphalia to Whiskey Rebellion

Whiskey Ring to Whitehead

White House to Whittier

Whittington to Wilder

Wilderness Road to William II

William II to Wilson

Wilson to Winstanley

Winter War to Wittenberg

Wittgenstein to Wolfram von Eschenbach

Wollstonecraft to Worcester

Wordsworth to Worms

Wounded Knee to Wyat’s Insurrection

Wycherley to Xenophanes

Xenophon to Yamashita Tomoyuki

Yancey to Yerba Buena

Yermak Timofeyevich to Yogacara

Yom Kippur War to Young Germany

Young Italy to Yugoslavia

Yukawa Hideki to Zakkai

Zama to ZAPU

Zara to Zemstvo

Zen Buddhism to Zeuxis

Zhdanov to Zinzendorf

Zion to Zollverein

Zoroaster to Zwingli

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