The Pocket Guide to World History

Black Nationalism. 1960-73. US political movement for economic power. [Read more ...]

Black Panthers. 1966-80. Revolutionary US political party. Bobby Seale. Huey Newton. [Read more ...]

Black Prince. Son of Edward III. Captured King John II of France at Poitiers, 1356. [Read more ...]

Black Thursday. Oct. 24, 1929. NY Stock Exchange crash. [Read more ...]

Black War. 1804-30. Tasmanian natives defeated by European settlers. [Read more ...]

Black Watch. 1725-. Scottish Highland Regiment. [Read more ...]

Blackbeard (Edward Teach). -1718. English pirate in West Indies. [Read more ...]

Blackmore, Richard. 1825-1900. English novelist: Lorna Doone 1869. [Read more ...]

Blackstone, William. 1723-80. English common law scholar/jurist. Commentaries 1765-9. [Read more ...]

Blake, Robert. 1599-1657. English Commonwealth admiral. [Read more ...]

Blake, William. 1757-1827. English mystical poet and engraver of his own books. Marriage of Heaven and Hell 1790-3. Job 1821. Dante’s Divine Comedy 1825. [Read more ...]

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