The Pocket Guide to World History

Black Army. 1463-1500. Powerful Hungarian mercenary force. [Read more ...]

Black Code. 1685. Louis XIV edict on treatment of slaves in French colonies. [Read more ...]

Black Codes. 1865-6. Strict US local laws to control blacks based on slave codes. Freedmen. Jim Crow. [Read more ...]

Black Death. Bubonic Plague. [Read more ...]

Black Friday. Sept 24, 1869. Fisk corners gold. US market collapses. [Read more ...]

Black Hand. 19-20C. Sicilian criminal secret society. [Read more ...]

Black Hand. 1911-17. (Unity or Death) Serbian secret society assassinated Francis-Ferdinand 1914. [Read more ...]

Black Hawk War. 1832. US decimates Sauk/Fox tribes. Illinois, Iowa Indians flee west. [Read more ...]

Black Hole of Calcutta. 1756. Small cell in which 123 of 146 British alledgedly died after being imprisoned by Bengalis. [Read more ...]

Black Hundreds. 1905-9. Russian movement. Opposed revolution. Persecuted Jews-50,000 dead. [Read more ...]

Black Muslims. 20C US movement to apply Islam to Black life. Malcolm X. [Read more ...]

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