The Pocket Guide to World History

Biruni, al-. 973-1048. Arab scholar. Chronology of Ancient Nations. [Read more ...]

Bischoff, Theodor. 1807-82. Ger: periodic fertility, 1844. [Read more ...]

Bishop, Henry. 1786-1855. English song composer: Home Sweet Home 1821. [Read more ...]

Bishops’ Wars. 1639. Scots vs CharlesAnglicanism. 1640. Covenanters force Charles to call Long Parliament. [Read more ...]

Bismarck, Otto von. 1815-98. Prince. Prussian Prime Minister 1862-90. Founded German Empire; First Chancellor 1871-90. Provoked Franco-Prussian War. Ems Dispatch. Schleswig. [Read more ...]

Bizet, Georges. 1838-75. French composer: Carmen 1875. [Read more ...]

Bjorko Treaty. 1905. Unimplemented military alliance between German Wilhelm II and Russian Nicholas II. [Read more ...]

Bjørnson, Bjørnstjerne. 1832-1910. Norwegian poet, novelist: Kongen 1877, National anthem. [Read more ...]

Bjørnsson, Sveinn. 1881-1952. First President of Iceland Republic, 1944-. [Read more ...]

Black, Joseph. 1728-99. French/Scottish chemist. Latent heat 1757. CO2. [Read more ...]

Black and Tans. 1920-22. Brutal British police sent to suppress Irish unrest. Irish Free State. [Read more ...]

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