The Pocket Guide to World History

Bernard, St. 1090-1153. Founder of Clairvaux 1115, Second Crusade instigator. [Read more ...]

Bernard, St. 923-1008. Founder of Swiss alpine hospices 962. [Read more ...]

Bernard of Chartres. -c1130. French Neoplatonic Idealist philosopher. Real world of eternal ideas vs apparent world of material objects. [Read more ...]

Bernardin de St. Pierre, Jacques. 1737-1814. French writer. Propagated JJ Rousseau’s back to nature philosophy. Paul et Virginie 1788. [Read more ...]

Bernhardt, Sarah. 1844-1923. French dramatic actress. Roles in Phèdre, La Tosca. [Read more ...]

Bernicia. 6C Anglian kingdom in Northumbria. Deira. [Read more ...]

Bernini, Lorenzo. 1598-1680. Italian Baroque painter, sculptor, architect. Louis XIV bust. Apollo and Daphne 1616. St. Theresa 1646. [Read more ...]

Bernoulli, Daniel. 1700-82. Swiss discoverer of hydrodynamics. Hydrodynamica 1738. [Read more ...]

Bernoulli, Jacob. 1654-1705. Swiss mathematician. Probability. B Numbers. [Read more ...]

Bernstein, Eduard. 1850-1932. German anti-militant Socialist. Founded Fabians. [Read more ...]

Bernstein, Leonard. 1918-90. US conductor/ composer. West Side Story 1957. [Read more ...]

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