The Pocket Guide to World History

Wounded Knee. 1890. 200 Sioux Indians massacred by US troops. [Read more ...]

WPA. Works Progress Administration. 1935-43. Employed 8.5M on public works in US during Depression. [Read more ...]

Wren, Christopher. 1632-1723. English architect. Anglicized Classicism based on French and Dutch influence. Rebuilt 50 churches after 1666 London fire. St. Paul’s 1675. Greenwich Observatory 1675. Associated with craftsmanship of Tijou, Gibbons, Thornhill, Cibber. Sheldonian Theatre 1662. Trinity College Library 1676. [Read more ...]

Wright, Frank Lloyd. 1869-1959. US “organic” architect. Introduced glass and steel forms. Guggenhem Museum 1943-59. Taliesin West 1938. [Read more ...]

Wright, Wilbur. 1867-1912, Orville. 1871-1948. Aviation pioneer. First sustained controlled heavier than air flight, 1903. [Read more ...]

WTO. World Trade Organization. 1995. Successor to GATT. Focus of anti-globalization protests. WFTU. [Read more ...]

Wundt, Wilhelm. 1832-1920. German “father of” experimental psychology 1858. [Read more ...]

Wu P’ei-fu. 1873-1939. Warlord. Fought, failed to unify China 1916-26. [Read more ...]

Wyandotte Constitution. 1859. Conclusion of Bleeding Kansas. Rejected slavery, women’s suffrage. [Read more ...]

Wyat, Thomas. 1503-42. English poet. Introduced Italian sonnet form to English. [Read more ...]

Wyat’s Insurrection. 1554. Failed march on London vs Mary’s marriage to Philip II of Spain. Wyat (son of Thomas Wyat) beheaded. [Read more ...]

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