The Pocket Guide to World History

Wordsworth, William. 1770-1850. English Romantic lyric ballad Lake Poet. “Nature’s Priest”. [Read more ...]

World Bank. 1944. United Nations agency established at Bretton Woods. [Read more ...]

World Council of Churches. 1948. Amsterdam. [Read more ...]

World Court. 1899 Permanent Court of Arbitration. 1921 Hague Conference created Permanent Court of International Justice. 1945 International Court of Justice. [Read more ...]

World Exhibition at Paris. 1855, 67, 89. [Read more ...]

World War I. 1914-18. Allies-France, British Empire, Russia, Italy, US(1917-) vs Central Powers-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire. Caused by Nationalist movements, Balkan instability, trade rivalry, alliances. 30M casualties. First tanks, chemical, planes, submarines. Ended Russian, Ottoman, Austria-Hungarian Empires. [Read more ...]

World War II. 1939-45. Allies-Britain, France, US(1941-), Russia(1941-) vs Axis-Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia(-1941). Caused by German Totalitarian expansionism resulting from WWI reparations and fear of Communism. 55M dead. 35M wounded. 30M refugees. Cost $US 1500B. Led to United Nations, Soviet power, State of Israel, atomic weapons. [Read more ...]

WorldTradeCenter, 1972-2001. New York. Attacked 1993, destroyed September 11, 2001 by al-Qaeda terrorists. Osama bin Laden. [Read more ...]

Worms, Concordat of. 1122. Agreement between Pope Calixtus and Emperor Henry V to share power to appoint bishops and abbots. Spiritualia, regalia vested separately. [Read more ...]

Worms, Diet of. 1521. Called by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Lutheranism outlawed. Luther declared heretic, exiled. Reformation. [Read more ...]

Worms, Synod. 1076. Called by Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV to depose Pope Gregory VII. 1122 Concordat of Worms. [Read more ...]

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