The Pocket Guide to World History

West, Benjamin. 1738-1820. US/English historical painter. Death of General Wolfe 1771. [Read more ...]

West, Nathanael. 1903-40. US novelist. Absurd, black humour. Miss Lonelyhearts 1933. Day of the Locusts 1939. [Read more ...]

West Indies. Arawak, Carib. 1492 Columbus discovers. 1620-60 Settled. [Read more ...]

West Indies Associated States. 1967 Association of self-governing former Britishcolonies under British suzerainty. [Read more ...]

West Indies Federation. Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserat, St Christopher-Nevis-Anguila, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago. [Read more ...]

West Virginia. 1863. Region refused to secede with Virginia, forming a new state. [Read more ...]

West Wall. 1934-9. German illegal fortification of Rhine frontier. [Read more ...]

Western European Union. 1948. Britain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. 1954 +Italy, Germany. 50 year treaty. NATO. European Defense Community. [Read more ...]

Western Roman Empire. Roman. Carolingian. [Read more ...]

Western Sahara. Spanish Sahara. 1976-91 Mauritania, Morocco, Polisario Independence Front dispute. 1991- awaiting referendum. [Read more ...]

Western Samoa. Samoa. 1899 German. 1920 New Zealand League of Nations mandate. 1962 Independent. [Read more ...]

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