The Pocket Guide to World History

Wallenstein, Albrecht von. 1583-1634. Bohemian HRE general in Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Wallis, Barnes. 1887-1979. British armament inventor. [Read more ...]

Wallis, John. 1616-1703. English mathematician. Calculus, cryptography. Infinitesimals 1655. [Read more ...]

Walloon. French dialect of south Belgium. Flemings. [Read more ...]

Walpole, Horace. 1717-97. English writer, connoisseur. First Gothic Romance. Castle of Otranto 1765. [Read more ...]

Walpole, Robert. 1676-1745. English Whig. First Prime Minister 1721-42. Free trade and peace. [Read more ...]

Walsh, Thomas. 1859-1933. US senator. Exposed Teapot Dome. [Read more ...]

Walter, Hubert. -1205. English Archbishop of Canterbury. Ransomed Richard I, 1193. First Income Tax. Governed during king’s absences. [Read more ...]

Walter, John. 1739-1812. English entrepreuner. Founded Times 1785. Jailed for libel. [Read more ...]

Walter the Penniless. -1097. French knight. Led Peasants’ Crusade with Peter the Hermit. [Read more ...]

Walther von der Vogelwelde. 1170-1230. German lyric poet. [Read more ...]

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