The Pocket Guide to World History

Wales. Celts. 55BC Rome. 7C +England. 8C Divided. 9C Re-united. 11C Norman. 1284 English suzerainty. 1536 Union with England. [Read more ...]

Wales, Prince of. 1301-. Title of heir apparent to the British throne. [Read more ...]

Wales, Statute. 1284. England annexes Wales. [Read more ...]

Walesa, Lech. 1943-. Polish Solidarity leader instrumental in forcing decline of Communist rule. President 1990-96. [Read more ...]

Walker, George. 1618-90. Hero of siege of Londonderry, 1688. [Read more ...]

Walker, William. 1824-60. American filibuster. Nicaraguan president. 1856-7. [Read more ...]

Walking Purchase. 1737. Americans cheat Indians in buying Delaware land by running instead of walking to determine land size. French-Indian Wars 1754-63. [Read more ...]

Wallace, Alfred. 1823-1913. British naturalist. Theory of natural selection, 1838, independent of Darwin. [Read more ...]

Wallace, George. 1919-98. Alabama segregationist governor, presidential candidate. Shot 1972. [Read more ...]

Wallace, Lewis. 1827-1905. US soldier, author. Ben Hur 1880. [Read more ...]

Wallenberg, Raoul. 1912-47?. Swedish diplomat. Saved thousands of Jews in WWII Budapest. Jailed by Soviets. Holocaust. [Read more ...]

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