The Pocket Guide to World History

Ben Gurion, David. 1886-1973. Polish/Israeli Labour pol. First Prime Minister of Israel, 1948~63. “Architect of Israel”. [Read more ...]

Benavente y Martinez, Jacinto. 1866-1954. Spanish dramatist: Bonds of Interest 1907. [Read more ...]

Benchley, Robert. 1889-1945. US humorist. Benchley Beside Himself 1943. [Read more ...]

Benedict of Nursia, St. 480-547. Italian monastic. Benedictine Rule 535. [Read more ...]

Benedict XIII. c1328-1423. Antipope 1394-1417. Great Schism. [Read more ...]

Benedict XIV. 1675-1758. Pope 1740-. Promoted arts, learning during Enlightenment. [Read more ...]

Benedictines. 529-. RC monastic order. Spread Christianity. Preserved Latin culture. [Read more ...]

Benefit of Clergy. 1170-1827. Literates and clergy exempt from trial by English civil court. 1489- Once only, branding. Jonson. [Read more ...]

Benelux. 1948-93. Economic union of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg. EU. [Read more ...]

Beneš, Eduard. 1884-1948. Czech Nationalist, President, 1935-8,46-. Little Entente. [Read more ...]

Benét, Stephen. 1898-1943. US poet, writer. Devil and Daniel Webster 1937. John Brown’s Body 1928. [Read more ...]

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