The Pocket Guide to World History

Belleau, Remy. 1528-77. French Pleiade Poet. Highly polished miniatures. [Read more ...]

Bellerophon. Pegasus’ rider, destroyed the Chimera. [Read more ...]

Bellier, Catherine. (One-Eyed Kate). Amply rewarded for bestowing her favours on 16 yr. old Louis XIV. [Read more ...]

Bellini, Giovanni. c1429-1516. Venetian Renaissance painter. New sensuous realism of form and color. Adoration of the Magi. St. Francis 1480. [Read more ...]

Bellini, Vincenzo. 1801-35. Italian Romantic opera composer. Norma 1831. [Read more ...]

Belloc, Hilaire. 1870-1953. French/English writer: Bad Child’s Book of Beasts 1896. Cautionary Tales 1907. [Read more ...]

Bellona. Roman goddess of war. Mars’ sister. [Read more ...]

Bellow, Saul. 1915-. Canadian/US psychological novelist: Herzog 1964. Humboldt’s Gift 1975. [Read more ...]

Belsen. 1933-45. Nazi concentration camp. Commandant Kramer executed. [Read more ...]

Belshazzar. Balthazar. [Read more ...]

Ben Bella, Ahmed. 1918-. Algerian Socialist revolutionary. President 1962-5. House arrest 1965-79. [Read more ...]

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