The Pocket Guide to World History

Belisarius. ~505-564. Byzantine general vs Persia, Vandals, Goths, Huns. [Read more ...]

Belize. 4-9C Maya. 17C Buccaneers. 17C English settle. 17,18C Slaves brought. 1862 Colony =British Honduras. 1964 Self-government. 1973 =Belize. 1981 Independent. [Read more ...]

Bell, Alexander Graham. 1847-1922. Scottish/ US inventor of the telephone 1876. Gray. Reis. [Read more ...]

Bell, Charles. 1774-1842. Scottish anatomist. Motor vs sensory nerves 1830. Anatomy of Brain 1811. [Read more ...]

Bell Book and Candle. Roman Catholic excommunication. [Read more ...]

Bellamy, Edward. 1850-98. US Utopian novelist. Looking Backward 2000-1887, 1888. [Read more ...]

Bellarmine, St. Robert. 1542-1621. Italian Jesuit defender of RC church vs Protestantism, Copernican theory, heretics. Galileo. [Read more ...]

Bellaud. 1532-88. Provencale truculent poet who inspired Marat, Rabelais and Petrarch. [Read more ...]

Bellay, Joachim du. 1522-60. French poet. Defence of French Language 1549 was Pléiade manifesto. [Read more ...]

Belle Epoque. 1885-1900. Time of flourishing arts and entertainment in Paris. Moulin Rouge. [Read more ...]

Belle-Isle, Charles. 1684-1761. French marshal. Involved French in Austrian Succession War. [Read more ...]

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