The Pocket Guide to World History

Tower of London. 1066- Palace for William I. Used as prison and garrison at later dates. White Tower 1078. [Read more ...]

Townshend Act. 1767-70. Reasserted English authority in American colonies. Import duties. [Read more ...]

Towton, Battle. 1461. York victory in War of Roses. Henry VI fled England. Edward IV took crown. [Read more ...]

Toynbee, Arnold. 1852-83. English economist, social reformer on behalf of the working class. The Industrial Revolution 1884. [Read more ...]

Toynbee, Arnold J. 1889-75. English historian on the cyclicality of civilizations. Study of History 1934-61. [Read more ...]

Trabzon Empire. 1204-1461. Independent Byzantine Empire after fall of Constantinople. Defeated by Ottomans. [Read more ...]

Tractarian Movement. Oxford Movement. 1833- Named after Tracts for the Times. Condemned at Oxford 1841. [Read more ...]

Trade Disputes Act. 1906. British unions immune from suits against members’ activities. [Read more ...]

Trade Unions. Legalized: 1824 Britain. 1834 France. 1869 Germany. 1875 British legalized picketing. [Read more ...]

Trades Union Congress. TUC. 1868. Organization of British unions sponsoring Labour Party. ICFTU. [Read more ...]

Trafalgar, Battle. 1805. Nelson’s victory over the French and Spanish fleets. British naval superiority secured. Nelson killed. Ends Napoleon’s plans to invade England. [Read more ...]

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