The Pocket Guide to World History

Bedouin. Nomadic N African tribes. [Read more ...]

Beebe, Charles. 1877-1962. US biologist/undersea explorer. Record descent 923m 1934. [Read more ...]

Beelzebub. New Testament prince of Demons. Satan. [Read more ...]

Beer Hall Putsch. 1923. Hitler’s unsuccessful Munich uprising. Wrote Mein Kampf while imprisoned 8 months. [Read more ...]

Beerbohm, Max. 1872-1956. English caricaturist, satirist, dandy. Caricatures 1896. [Read more ...]

Beethoven, Ludwig van. 1770-1827. German composer expressing emotions in music. Tone poet. Developed form and structure. “The Shakespeare of music”. 9 Symphonies. Eroica 1804. 5th 1807. 9th 1824. [Read more ...]

Beghards. 13C. Catholic men’s charitable communities. Condemned 1311. [Read more ...]

Begin, Menachem. 1913-91. Polish/Israeli. Prime Minister, 1977-83. Camp David Accords. Sadat. [Read more ...]

Béguines. 12C- Belgian Catholic women’s charitables communities. Condemned 1311. Still exist. [Read more ...]

Behaviourism. 1913. Actions are response to physical stimuli. Skinner. Watson. Pavlov. [Read more ...]

Behistun Inscription. 520BC. Trilingual carving used by Grotefend to decipher cuneiform. [Read more ...]

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