The Pocket Guide to World History

Beauvais, Vincent de. Vincent of Beauvais. [Read more ...]

Beauvoir, Simone de. 1908-86. French Existentialist writer. The Second Sex 1949. [Read more ...]

Beaverbrook, Lord. (Maxwell Aitken). 1879-1964. Canadian/British newspaper magnate, politician. Advocated free trade within Commonwealth. [Read more ...]

Bebel, August. 1840-1913. Founder of German Social Democrat Party. [Read more ...]

Beccaria, Cesare. 1738-94. Italian writer. Treatise on Crime and Punishment 1764. Influenced 19C penal reform and capital punishment. [Read more ...]

Bechuanaland. Botswana. [Read more ...]

Becket, St. Thomas à. 1118-70. Archbishop of Canterbury 1162-, murdered in Cathedral by Henry II’s knights. [Read more ...]

Beckett, Samuel. 1906-89. English/Irish novelist, dramatist expressing man’s suffering: Waiting for Godot 1952. Endgame. [Read more ...]

Becquerel, Henri. 1852-1908. French discoverer of Uranium radioactivity, 1896. Curie. [Read more ...]

Bede, St. (The Venerable). 673-735. English historian: De Temporum Ratione 725.Ecclesiastical History 731. [Read more ...]

Bedlam. (Bethlehem Royal Hospital). 1247-1815. Bishopsgate asylum. [Read more ...]

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