The Pocket Guide to World History

Teschen Treaty. 1779. Austria, Prussia end War of Bavarian Succession. [Read more ...]

Tesla, Nikola. 1856-1943. Croatian/US physicist: high voltage electricity. Rotating magnetic field. [Read more ...]

Tessin, Nicodemus, the Elder. 1615-81. Swedish architect. Drottningholm 1662. [Read more ...]

Test Act. 1673-1828. Banned Catholics and Non-conformists from English public office. 1567-1889 Scotland. [Read more ...]

Test Ban Treaty. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. [Read more ...]

Tet Offensive. 1968. Giap-led Vietcong attack 100 South Vietnamese cities, proof of strength creates US disenchantment with war. [Read more ...]

Tetrarchy. Any country with sovereign under Roman Empire in Eastern Provinces. [Read more ...]

Tetzel, Johann. c1465-1519. German monk. Sold indulgences by threats causing Luther’s protests. [Read more ...]

Teutoburg Forest, Battle. 9. Arminius halts Roman conquest of Germany. [Read more ...]

Teutonic Knights. c1190-1809. Military Germanic order to treat wounded crusaders. 13-14C Empire over Prussia, Estonia, Latvia. Tannenberg. [Read more ...]

Teutons. Former peoples of Germany. [Read more ...]

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