The Pocket Guide to World History

Symons, Arthur. 1865-1945. British Symbolist poet. [Read more ...]

Symplegades. Cyanean Rocks. Cliffs at entrance to Black Sea. Crushed ships until Jason and Argonauts slipped through. [Read more ...]

Syncretism. Amalgamation of conflicting religions. [Read more ...]

Syndicalism. 1900-39. Union movement vs capitalistic order by direct action, general strikes. Sorel. IWW. [Read more ...]

Synge, John. 1871-1909. Irish poet, dramatist. Riders to the Sea 1904. Playboy of the Western World 1907. [Read more ...]

Syracuse. c734BC Corinthian colony in Sicily. 211BC Rome. 878 Arab. 1085 Norman. Sicily. Dionysius. [Read more ...]

Syracuse, Battle. 480BC Carthage repelled. 415-413BC Critical Athenian defeat in Peloponnesian War. 396, 392 Carthage defeated. 382-75 Defeated by Carthage. 214-211 BC Rome conquers, sacks city. [Read more ...]

Syria. c10000BC Natufians. c2300BC Akkadian. c1900 Amorite. 16C Egypt. 14C Hittite. 8C Assyria. 7C Babylon. 538 Achaemenid. 332 Alexander...301 Seleucid. 64BC Rome...395 Byzantine. 634 Moslem. 877 Egypt. 11C Seljuk 1098 Latin Empire(part). 12C Ayyubid. 1249 Mameluk. 1516 Ottoman. 1920 French League of Nations mandate. 1943 Independent. 1958 +Egypt = United Arab Republic. 1961 -Egypt=Syria. Damascus. [Read more ...]

Syrian Wars. 274-200BC. Egypt vs Seleucid Empire. [Read more ...]

Tabari, At. 839-923. Arab. Wrote world history to 915. Annals of Apostles and Kings. [Read more ...]

Taborites. -1452. Militant Bohemian Hussites. Defeated by Catholic-Utraquist alliance. [Read more ...]

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